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Groupe Bull - Wikipedia

Groupe Bull Bull SAS (also known as Groupe Bull, Bull Information Systems, or simply Bull) is a French -owned computer company headquartered in Les Clayes-sous-Bois, in the western suburbs of Paris The company has also been known at various times as Bull General Electric, Honeywell Bull, CII Honeywell Bull, and Bull HN..

Compagnie miniére de Carmaux - Wikipedia

The Compagnie miniére de Carmaux (Carmaux Mining Company), or Société des mines de Carmaux, was one of the first coal mining companies in FranceIt was founded in 1752 in the isolated Carmaux basin The company was at first slow to expand and modernize, but grew much faster after the introduction of a railway connection in the 1850s..


Premiére Bourse paneuropéenne, Euronext couvre la Belgique, la France, les Pays-Bas, le Portugal et le Royaume-Uni Euronext gére des marchés au comptant et dérivés réglementés et transparents..

Compagnie Miniere de Toussit (Casablanca:CMT)

Compagnie Miniere de Touissit (CMT) is a Morocco-based company engaged in the exploration and processing of base metals, precious metals and industrial minerals It mainly extracts lead and zinc or It operates underground mines in Tighza, Morocco, where it also..

La Compagnie Miniere de Belinga: Private Company ,

La Compagnie Miniere de Belinga exploits and produces iron deposits in Belinga The company also offers construction services for related infrastructur The company was incorporated in 2008 and ...

Compagnie Miniere du Bafing can count on high-placed friends

Compagnie Miniere du Bafing can count on high-placed friends Set up in Abidjan late last year, the Compagnie Miniere du Bafing (CMB), which hopes to make its mark in nickel, can already boast a host of excellent connections in high plac..