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Nadcap is the leading worldwide cooperative program of major companies designed to manage a cost-effective consensus approach to special processes and products and provide continual improvement within the aerospace and defense industri..

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Essais de traction de câbles multi-brins pour béton précontraint (ASTM A370, A416 et ISO 15630) , Different sized shoulder-end metals are needed to tensile test to ASTM E8 and A370 standards, and Split Insert Tensile Holders add ease to changing the inserts , Essai de Traction conforme aux Normes d'Alignement NADCAP..

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Suppliers of big civil aerospace manufacturers like Airbus or Boeing need to fulfill not only strict international standards like NADCAP but also specific company standards like BSS7042/7044 Together with a renowned aerospace supplier VisiConsult developed a Boeing certified toolbox to verify the compliance to EN-17636 for weld inspection..

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NADCAP accreditation Non-metallic-materials testing - Shanghai NADCAP accreditation Non-metallic-materials testing - Bremen NADCAP accreditation in non-metallic-materials testing for the testing laboratory of Shanghai (China) Nadcap is a global cooperation programme for the accreditation of aerospace engineering, defence and related industri..

Gripping Solutions for Tensile Testing to ASTM E8, A370 ,

Shoulder-end, or button-head test samples are outlined in ASTM E8, A370, A48, GOST 1497-1, as well as other general tensile test standards of metal products Challenge: A high volume test lab performing tensile tests to ASTM E8/A370 using 505 inch shoulder-end specimens, is now required to also test 357, 252 and 161 inch shoulder-end specimens..