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JCL Tutorial Job Control Language (JCL) is the command language of Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS), which is the commonly used Operating System in the IBM Mainframe computers JCL identifies the program to be executed, the inputs that are required and location of the input/output and informs the Operating System through Job control Statements..

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Mainframe Tutorial - Tutorials for IBM mainfarme and associated technologies including DB2, CICS, COBOL, JCL, IMS DB, VSAM..

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JCL is the most important Scripting language used to run COBOL on Mainframe This tutorial is for everyone who wants to master the JCL in Mainframe..

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While performing Mainframe testing, the tester only needs to know about the navigations of the CICS screens They are custom built for specific applications Any changes made to the code in COBOL, JCL, etc tester does not have to worry about the emulator set up on the machine..


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Aug 01, 2014· Basics of JCL,This Mainframe Video JCL Tutorial Part 1 Tutorial will explain you all about Mainframe JCL , Mainframe JCL Tutorial Part 2 , Basics of Running COBOL / JCL and Checking Output on ...

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Compiler and Run jcls This tutorial explains how to write compiler jcl and run jcl 2 DB2 Tutorial 21 DB2 SQL Tutorial This tutorial contains the basics of SQL 22 DB2 Interview Questions This page contains important interview questions for programmers 23 DB2 Programming This tutorial contains basics of COBOL DB2 Programming Explains how to write a cobol db2 programs..

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Mainframe tutorial on COBOL,JCL,DB2,IMS and interview questions based on Real time experience Mainframeinterview Mainframe tutorial on COBOL,JCL,DB2,IMS and interview questions based on Real time experience..

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Job control language It is a means of communication between a program that can be written in COBOL , ASSEMBER or PL/I and the MVS operating system Without a JCL, you cant able to run a job on MVS operating system Let us start with an example jcl, how it looks like, The following jcl is used to run an cobol ,..