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Holding in its possession all major Iranian bauxite mines, Alumina Iran Company plays an exclusive role in the Iranian aluminum industries as the sole producer of the three products of metal grade alumina, alpha alumina and alumina hydroxide, and is considered as a strategic company in this respect in Iran..

Bauxite La Guinée a renouvelé pour 25 ans un accord avec ,

Bauxite : Le gouvernement guinéen a renouvelé récemment un accord pour la production de bauxite signé en 1992 avec Téhéran Il porte sur le développement de plusieurs gisements miniers aux réserves estimées à 600 millions de tonn La Guinée a renouvelé ,..

Iran Bauxite & Alumina producer, supplier and exporter

MGT Mineral Company as a major producer, supplier and exporter of several minerals and materials in the Middle East, is located in Iran MGT Mineral Company has a lot of experience in exporting and is active in case of Bauxite supplying, due to we are honored to have a great Bauxite mine with enormous reserve of high quality Bauxite..