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Grinder is a drop from the rare elite mob Karr the DarkenerThis NPC can be found can be found in the Terrace of Gurthan in the Dread Wast During combat he will shadowbolt players and cast a debuff on the player with the highest agro..

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So a post went up by /r/hbib1 showing his level grind from 1 - 100 of only 2 days and 17 hours played time Some people questioned whether he boosted a 90 then levelled or not (which probably didn't happen in my opinion since 90 - 100 can be done pretty quick)..

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A subreddit for non-retail World of Warcraft servers and emulation, as well as spreading the word about servers worth playing on , Nostalrius players this isn't worth much because you will be drowning in 20 other players tagging mobs if you want to grind them Ideally, what you want is a spot with easy-to-medium difficulty mobs, as some ...

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Dec 04, 2008· Grinding didn't die for everyone, I grinded with my mage from 78-80 in 10 hours~ and made an amount of 3k~ gold The place is in icecrown but it's only duable, as far as I know, as a mage Grinding didn't die for everyone, I grinded with my mage from 78-80 in ,..

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Grinding is the act of doing something repetitively, such as killing monsters or working up a trade skill If one is grinding their levels, it usually refers to killing massive amounts of creeps If one is grinding for reputation, they may be collecting items for repeatable quests for a particular faction..

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Deadwind Pass Grind on Water Elementals on the island NW of Grom'Gol: 36-40: Voodoo: E : Arathi Highlands Grind on Highland Fleshstalkers in Arathi Highlands There's a quest chain that requires you to farm the Fleshstalkers at the end, and the quest item has a ,..

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Apr 12, 2012· The reputation grind I've never been a fan of the obscene reputation grinds There are certain levels of masochism that I will inflict upon myself, a degree of hurt and pain that does, in fact ...

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Nilz' Argent Dawn Reputation Guide Submitted by Nilz on Thu, 2009-07-23 01:10 , Save all your scourgestones until you get to that point and it'll significantly speed up the grind through exalted I'd save as many WPL & EPL quests as possible until that point as well , World of Warcraft® and Blizzard Entertainment® are all trademarks or ...