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The iconic statue ranks among the Seven Wonders of the World, along with other extraordinary examples of human endeavour, like the Great Wall of China Otis has transformed what was once an arduous trek up to the monument into an easy, enjoyable ride View the case study..

Trade and economic relations with China 2013

Trade and economic relations with China 2013 5 Traditionally an export-oriented economy, China has had to readjust to the crisis and support domestic demand Throughout 2012, Chinese officials attempted to rebalance the Chinese economy by steering away from its export- and investment-driven model, and towards one based on local consumption..

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The Otis Elevator Company is an American company that develops, manufactures and markets elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and related equipment Based in Farmington, Connecticut, Otis is the world's largest manufacturer of vertical transportation systems, principally focusing on elevators, moving walkways, and escalators..

China: Yunnan & Guangxi (2013)

Jun 02, 2013· This video is both a travel report and a documentary film about the provinces Yunnan and Guangxi, China where I was in April 2013 If you want to see the video in sections, here is the content ...