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Le mélange gazeux à traiter (1) est lavé (5) entre 0°C et -45°C au moyen d'un solvant (6) du CO2 et des hydrocarbures en C3 et plus pour produire un courant de méthane (8) renfermant au plus 2 % molaire de CO2 et une phase liquide (11) riche en CO2 et renfermant au moins 80 % molaire des hydrocarbures en C3 et plus du mélange gazeux (1)..

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Living with an ICD From traveling to using appliances to getting certain medical procedures, find out how you can live a full and active life with an ICD ,..

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The assumed new acceptable emission limit is particularly unfavorable for the cement industry where the main part of emissions does not originate from combustion; instead, emissions are generated in the technological process of the decarbonation of limestones used as the main raw material in the production of cement clinker..

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The Catalan Central Depression (Catalan: Depressió Central Catalana) is a natural depression between the Pre-Pyrenees and the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range in Spain It widens towards the west, linking with the Ebro Depression, Catalan: Depressió de l'Ebre, of which it could be considered an eastern extension..

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A procedure to obtain the kinetic parameters of the thermal decomposition of calcite is described Thermogravimetric analysis is used, and the necessity of taking into account the CO 2 diffusion inside the interstices of the particle stacking is emphasized The experimental conditions (such as initial amount of CaCO 3 and inert gas flow rate) are considered in the modeling of CO 2 diffusion..

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If last year's Paris climate accord leads to a worldwide commitment to the decarbonisation of the electricity sector, total wind power capacity could reach as much as 2,110 gigawatts (GW) by then, nearly five times its current level, the industry group sa..

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Structure and propertiesEdit Carbonium ions can be thought of as protonated alkan Although alkanes are usually considered inert, under superacid conditions (eg, HF/SbF 5 ), the C-H sigma bond can act as a donor to H + This results in a species that contains a ,..